King Kong

Then you just follow
my directions. All right?

Camera. Look up slowly, Ann.
That's it. You don't see anything.
Now look higher...
...still higher.
Now you see it. You're amazed.
You can't believe it.
Your eyes open wider.

It's horrible, Ann,
but you can't look away.

There's no chance for you, Ann,
no escape.

You're helpless, Ann, helpless.
There's just one chance,
if you can scream...

...but your throat's paralyzed.
Try to scream, Ann, try.

Perhaps if you didn't see it,
you could scream.

Throw your arm across your eyes
and scream. Scream for your life.

What's he think
she's really gonna see?

This infernal fog.
Sure of your position, skipper?

Last night before this fog shut down,
I got a good sight.

We should be near the island.
If we don't see it when this fog lifts,
we never will.

We've quartered these parts.
Can't see your hand in front of your face.
Hey, Charlie, I wish you'd make
your soup as thick as this.

No bottom at 30.
The Norwegian skipper must've
been guessing at the position.

How will we know
it's the right island?

- The mountain that looks like a skull.
- Oh, yes, I'd forgotten. You told me.

- Skull Mountain.
- By the deep 20.

Shallowing fast.
Mr. Briggs, dead slow.

Dead slow, sir.
- Confound this fog.
- By the deep 16.

- What'd she draw, skipper?
- Four.

Why don't he
heave to until it clears?

'Tain't the old man.
It's that crazy guy, Denham.

Listen, you hear anything?