King Kong

Stand by to lower away.
You with the camera,
stick close.

- Okay.
- Who's got the bombs?

- I have, sir.
- Watch your step.

There's enough trichloride
to put hippos to sleep.

Aye, aye, sir.
- What queer-Iooking boats.
- Yeah, outrigger canoes.

Driscoll, I want two men left here
to guard the boat.

- All attended to, sir.
- Good.

We all ready, then?
Come on.

Not a soul in sight.
The people must all
be gathered up ahead.

That wall, skipper.
What do you think of that?

It might almost be Egyptian.

But what's on the other side
of that wall? I wanna know.

Who do you suppose
could have built it?

Oh, I was up on Angkor once.
That's bigger than this,
and nobody knows who built it.

Oh, boy, what a chance.
What a picture.

Come on.
Hear that?
They're saying, "Kong, Kong."

Hope you talk
their lingo, skipper.

- You catch any words yet?
- I'm not sure.

Sounds something like the language
Nias Islanders speak.

What do you suppose is happening?
They're up to some
of their heathen tricks.

But don't go rushing out to sea.
- All right. But isn't it exciting?
- Sure.