King Kong

- What's the matter? What's happening?
- What's going on?

- What's the matter?
- I'm out here.

Look, sir. Me find on deck.
- A native bracelet.
- Crazy black man been here.

What is it?
Who turned out the crew?

- Look. Someone's been aboard.
- Where's Ann?

- In her cabin.
- No, she isn't. I just looked.

- What's the matter, Mr. Driscoll?
- Search the ship. Find Miss Darrow.

Aye, aye.
- Ann. Oh, Ann. Did you see her?
- No.

I'll look below.
- Did you find her?
- Can't find her forward.

- She's not below.
- Can't find her aft.

Ann's gone!
Serve out the rifles. Man the boats.
Take this ammunition outside.
Come on, you fellas.
Grab these guns.

Take these bomb cases
and be careful with them.

Pass those rifles up over the side.
Start packing those bombs.
Me likey go too.
Me likey catch missy.

This is no job for a cook.
Get out of here. Come on.

Shove her off, men.
We're going over the side.

Give way, gentlemen.
Right over there.

They've taken Ann.