Lady for a Day

- Thank you, Oscar.
- That bunch costs you 50 cents.

50 cents? You never charge me
more than two bits.

It's conditions. People don't leave
things in their rooms anymore.

It's got so bad l have to
buy my own toothpaste.

- That's awful, Oscar.
- Even my wife's complaining.

Remember when she was the
best-smelling woman on the block?

I brought her back so much perfume
she used to stink with it.

- Cheer up. Things will get better.
- I guess so.

When are you expecting
your next letter?

There's a mail boat in
from Spain in the morning.

Okay, l'll watch out for it.
There's a good soul!
I'll pay you beginning of the week.

And don't you forget it.
If l'm caught stealing letters,
l'll get fired.

- No, you mustn't get fired.
- They will if they catch me.

Who are you getting
these letters from anyhow?

None of your business.
- A new lover, eh?
- That's it.

A new lover.
You old devil, you.
Get out of the way.
That's for getting in the way.