Lady for a Day

- Daughter?
- She's got a daughter in Europe.

Been in a convent
ever since she was a baby.

Sends her money every month.
Now she's gonna marry
a Count or something.

What is all this, a racket?
Anybody know where she lives?

- First Avenue, 314.
- Remember that. I'm going there.

Okay, you mugs. Out of here!
Come on, you heard.
Happy, go to Babcock's
and stall him till l get there.

Shakespeare, come along with me.
As soon as l get my apple
l'll meet you over there.

As l live and breathe,
my old friend, the Dude.
Come in, gentlemen.
I thought so. On the gin again.
Where's your apples?

Come on in.
The butler will take your things.

You didn't know l had
a butler, did you, Dude?

I've got lots of butlers,
millions of 'em.
Where you been, you old buzzard?
I've looked all day for you.

So good of you to come down
for the hunting season.

Everyone always comes down
for the hunting season.

Dude, let's get out of here.
When she's crocked,

she pulls this 'society' stuff.
Gives me the creeps.

You trying to kill yourself?
You know what Doc Michel said.
This stuff'll poison you.

Hey, Boss.
This must be the daughter
them panhandlers was yappin' about.

You haven't met my daughter,
have you?

She's coming over to visit me.
Isn't she lovely?
She's coming over here...
with a Count.
She's gonna marry
the Count's son.

That's the kind of people
l associate with.

Funny, isn't it?
She thinks l'm in high society.