Las Hurdes

The church at La Alberca.
Two skulls in their niches symbolise the town's destiny.
Most homes have three storeys.
This is rare in Spain and gives the streets a medieval aspect.
Many homes have a religious text over the door:
"Ave Maria, conceived without sin."
The day we arrived, the women were dressed in their finery.
Why were they dressed so beautifully?
They said they were going to the plaza...
...for an annual ceremony that's strange and barbaric.
Newly wedded men gather.
Each must take up the head of a rooster.
A rope extends across the street.
On it hangs a rooster tied by the legs.
The men gallop by and try to catch a head.
After parading in triumph with the heads...
...the grooms offer everyone wine.
It's a time for enjoyment.