Las Hurdes

He tells us the girl's been there 3 days without moving.
She must be sick.
One of us goes up to her...
:11:09 find out what's wrong with her throat.
He asks her to open her mouth.
Her gums and throat are inflamed.
Sadly there's nothing we can do for her.
Two days later we returned to the village.
We asked after the girl and were told she had died.
What do the people of this sterile land eat?
Almost the only food here is...
...potatoes and beans, and then not always.
Especially in June and July...
...there's not enough food.
The only meat is pork.
But only the wealthier families have a pig.
Once a year a pig is slaughtered. The meat lasts three days.
Olive trees grow in more fertile spots.
But the olives are usually eaten by insects.
The best animal for such infertile land is the goat.
Its milk is reserved for the gravely ill, who mop it up with bread...
...brought from afar by the beggars, and given only to the sick.
Goat meat is only eaten when a goat dies.
This happens from time to time on the steep slopes.
The main industry in Las Hurdes is apiculture.
But most of the hives don't belong to the Hurdanos.
And the honey the bees get from heather is very bitter.
The owners of the hives are from La Alberca.
They only let the Hurdanos have the hives in winter.