Las Hurdes

That's what this family is doing.
The way is hard and footwear is scarce.
The best fertiliser is made by the Hurdanos themselves...
...from the dry leaves of the strawberry tree.
They fill their sacks with the precious leaves.
But there are many snakes hereabouts.
This villager was bitten a few days ago...
...while collecting leaves.
The bite itself is hardly ever mortal.
But, by trying to cure themselves, the Hurdanos sometimes die.
Having collected their leaves the villagers return home.
They spread out the contents of their sacks indoors.
People and animals alike sleep on the leaves.
The leaves gradually decompose. And, several months later:
...they can be used as fertiliser.
A house in Fragosa.
A bed of leaves extends from the doorway.
Every home in Las Hurdes is like this.
A typical interior.