Las Hurdes

The body was placed on a trough...
...and carried for several miles through the thickets.
If the dead person is an adult...
...the body is tied to a ladder
and carried to the cemetery.

It's a journey that can take hours.
Crossing a river with a corpse.
Despite the misery in which the Hurdanos live...
...their moral and religious sense is the same...
... as anywhere else in the world.
Each grave is indicated by a cross.
Or by a piece of wood.
The only luxuries in Las Hurdes are the churches.
This is in one of the poorest villages.
A better-off home.
Father, son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.
The paper cut-outs on the wall...
...add a touch of interior design.
In some villages, a woman roams the streets at night.
She announces deaths.
She rings a bell and stops to pray.
Everyone lives in a single room.