Las Hurdes

But this home is a little more comfortable.
There's a stable on the ground floor...
...and upstairs a kitchen and living space.
There's even a bed.
In winter, the Hurdanos sleep fully clothed.
The wear their clothes until they wear out.
This woman says:
"Nothing keeps one awake more
than thoughts of death...

"Or reciting an Ave Maria for someone's soul."
We left after two months in Las Hurdes.
The misery shown in this film is not
without remedy.

Elsewhere in Spain, hill people, peasants and workers have achieved better conditions through mutual self-help.
They have made demands of the authorities for a better life.
...will give impetus to the coming elections and lead to a Popular Front government.
The military rebellion backed by Hitler and Mussolini seeks to bring back the privileges of the rich.
But the workers and peasants of Spain will defeat Franco and his cronies.
With the help of anti-fascists from all over the world...

...civil war will give way to peace, work and happiness.
And the miserable homes you saw in this film will disappear for ever.