Queen Christina

and in his child, Christina.
Her father, our King...
brought up this child as a boy...
accustomed her ears
to the sound of cannon fire...

and sought to mold her spirit
after his own.

Let's see the child.
Your Majesty...
I swore to the King, your father,
to place this crown upon your head.

And now I swear by my life...
to serve you as I served him.
Men do not cry.
Shall I make my speech now?
Good Lords, and Swedish men...
Queen Christina, by the grace of God...
Queen of the Swedes, the Goths,
and the Vandals, promise you...

to be a good and just king...
to protect you all...
and to guard the kingdom
as our father did...

to rule wisely, and with God's help...
to keep the standard
as we received it from our fathers.