Queen Christina

"with a man in the room?"
Is that good, Your Majesty?
Not bad, Aage.
They say...
you are going to marry Prince Charles.
Do they? What do you think of it?
I think it's good for a queen
to marry a hero.

What else do they say?
They say...
you prefer the Lord Treasurer.
And what do you think of him?
I don't like him, Your Majesty.
- Why not?
- The right foot.

He's too clever.
Everybody can't be
simple and heroic, Aage.

I don't like him!
Ebba, come in.
Now don't dally, Your Majesty.
You have a busy day.

Morning, Ebba.
- What are you doing up so early?
- I couldn't sleep.

That means you are happy or unhappy.
Which is it?

- Happy.
- I am glad.

- And what makes you so happy?
- No reason.

How wonderful to be happy for no reason.
Let's go for a sleigh ride.
- I can't now.
- Why not?

- Ambassadors, treaties, councils.
- How boring.

- But we'll go afterward, Ebba.
- You always say that.

But at the end of the day,
you are never free to go anywhere.

You are surrounded by musty old papers
and musty old men...

and I can't get near you.
Today, I will dispose of them by sundown,
I promise you.

And we will go away,
two or three days in the country.

- Wouldn't you like that?
- I'd love it.

The French Ambassador, Monsieur Chanut,
is waiting in the council chamber.

There, they begin.
Countess, you're dismissed. Run along.
I have good news for you,
Monsieur Chanut.