Queen Christina

Iove, as we understand it, is a technique
that must be developed in hot countries.

- Sounds glamorous and yet...
- What?

Somewhat mechanical.
Evidently you Spaniards make
too much fuss about...

a simple, elemental thing like love.
We Swedes are more direct.
But that's civilization.
Disguise the elemental
with the glamorous.

A great love has to be nourished,
has to be...

Great love?
Don't you believe in its possibility?
In its possibility, yes,
but not in its existence.

A great love, perfect love, is an illusion.
It is the golden fable
of which we all dream.

But in ordinary life, it does not happen.
In ordinary life,
one must be content with less.

So young and yet so disillusioned.
Young man, you are cynical.
Not at all. Merely realistic.
Here you are, My Lords.
- Six!
- Nine!

- It's the truth.
- I say you are a liar.

I am in the Queen's army,
I know what I am talking about.

- Six!
- Nine!

Yonder are two gentlemen,
we will ask them.

A tankard of ale that I am right, agreed?
- Six!
- Six is right.

Sir, do you know the court in Stockholm?
Yes, I have been there.
Then you can settle our wager for us.
This drunken pig, who is my friend...
maintains that the Queen, God bless her...
has had six lovers this last year.
I claim that's a disloyal,
libelous statement.

And what do you say?
I say there were nine. Six, indeed!
- Why, this is a very loyal fellow.
- Wait a minute.

I'd like to know first
what the gentleman's opinion is worth.