She Done Him Wrong

You saw the fight last night?
I was reading about it. Says it was great.

- It was rotten.
- What was the matter with it?

I expected a fight to the finish. But in
the 77th round the guy got yellow and quit.

That certainly is a bird of a picture.
So help me,
I never saw a woman more beautiful.

It's just come this morning.
Gus didn't wait for his breakfast
before he had it stuck up there.

A guy don't need any breakfast
when he can look at her.

She is beautiful.
I wish she'd take a shine to me.
You better not let Gus Jordan
hear you say that...

or you'll be picking lead out of your pants.
When did that crawl in here?
Hit him on the back
before he chokes to death.

This ought to learn you
that free lunch is meant to be ate.

And not stored for the winter.
Hello, where've you been?
Ain't seen you
since Sweeney Carson croaked your girl.

Been away on important business.
I'll be around a lot from now on.

How are you, boys?

Hi, boys, drinks are on me.
- Been waiting long?
- About 15 minutes.

When did the painting go up there?
This morning.

I think I got the dope
on how to get Jordan this time...

and get him right.
Gus seems to be sitting as tight as ever, Dan.
Don't you believe it.
Just because he's running for sheriff
and stands in good with the higher-ups...

don't mean he can't be showed up.
Pretty soon, I'll be standing in his shoes
as boss of this here district. And then...

And you figure she goes
along with that honour, Dan?

I always thought you were warm for her.
Yes, I got to admit it.
This is my first big chance.

Jordan's playing a crooked game.
So far he's kept under cover.

But once I get hold of something I can take
to the district attorney...

Gus'll be out and I'll be in.
Then it'll all be over but the celebrating.
She ain't no easy gal to handle, Flynn.
I know that. She's a pretty slick article.
When Chick was sent up the river,
she blowed into Jordan's arms...

just for protection,
and he's too blind to see it.

Sure, he's all puffed up over himself.