She Done Him Wrong

Hello, Mickey.
Lady Lou, you're a fine girl, a fine woman.
One of the finest women
ever walked the streets.

- How are the giris today?
- Just fine, Miss Lou.

- Hello, Rita.
- Why, Lou, I'm so very happy to see you.

Glad to see you back.

Lou, this is Serge Stanieff.
Pleased to meet you.
Take a look at this, Gus,
and learn something.

I am delighted.
I have heard so much about you.

Yeah, but you can't prove it.
Serge is my new assistant, Lou.
Day or night work, Rita?
He should be a big help.

- You got the pictures, Lou?
- Yeah, I had them taken with all my rocks.

Wait till you take a look at these.
- I kind of like that one.
- Yes, this one is beautiful.

- And this gives me a lot of style and dignity.
- Sure is a pip, Lou.

Wait till you see this.
For the bedroom. A little bit spicy,
but not too raw, you know what I mean?

- Want to see the pictures?
- Yes, I would like very much to see them.

Don't be backward. I'm not.
They're wonderful. But I like best
that marvellous painting of you in the bar.

Yeah, I got to admit that is a flash,
but I do wish Gus hadn't hung it up...

over the free lunch.
Mike, you sure took long enough.
What've you been doing up there?

I was looking at all the beautiful things.
Looks like heaven.

That's why you gotta climb stairs
to get there.

- Is that all, Miss Lou?
- You can go.

Thank you.
Mike and his horses
are as famous as this dance hall.

The only difference, the horses are sober.
Yeah, you're sure a pip, Lou.
I suppose I'll be seeing you around, Rita?
Oh, yes.
And you Mr...