She Done Him Wrong

How did you know there was a man?
There always is.
It takes two to get one in trouble.

You know everything about me.
I wouldn't say that, but I am observant.
Come on, move over here.

Sit down there.
What was he? Married?
Yes, but I didn't know.
Makes no difference to me
whether you did or not.

Men's all alike, married or single.
It's their game.

I happen to be smart enough
to play it their way.

You'll come to it.
Where've you been?
Just when I need you most of all,
you ain't around.

I ain't been no place, Miss Lou.
You ain't been no place,
you've just been lost.

Get my little friend here fixed up
with some new clothes.

Get these rags off her.
What's your name, dear?

Sally, what?
Sally Glynn.

Always remember to smile.
You'll never have anything to worry about.

Forget about this guy.
See that you get a good one the next time.

Who'd want me after what I've done?
Listen, when women go wrong,
men go right after them.

You want to put more petticoats on her?
No, she's got enough on.
Wouldn't need any of them if they didn't stuff
this furniture with horsehair.

If you was to go out
and something were to happen...

I wouldn't want no policeman to catch me
without no petticoat.

No policeman? How about a nice fireman?
That's the spirit, sister.
Lou, I'm just bringing the folks in.
All right.

Such a gorgeous place, Gus.
I didn't think such a room existed
in this house.

Everything here imported special from Paris.
Hello, Rita.
Hello, Lou.

I didn't expect to see you so soon.
You're here, too? How nice.

What's become of the girl
who caused the excitement downstairs?

She's inside. Pearl's fixing her up.
She'll be all right.

You gotta do something about people
using your joint for a morgue.

- What about this poor creature, Lou?
- Some guy done her wrong.

The story's so old
it should have been set to music long ago.