She Done Him Wrong

He's been in a year now, Lou.
Yeah, I know.

You know how he took his rap, quiet like.
Same as we all would.

It was tough he got caught,
but it wasn't my fault.

I ain't the sentimental kind, Spider.
Sure, but remember,
you said you'd be, well...

waiting around for him whenever he gets out.
Gets out? That's gonna be a long time.
What I want to say is...
supposing he found out
you ain't exactly been waiting.

I gotta do something while I'm waiting,
don't I?

Chick wouldn't figure it that way.
Suppose he found out about Jordan?

- What are you trying to tell me?
- Go up and see him, Lou.

What for? And antagonise Gus?
If I start going up there,
Gus'll think I'm still caring for Chick.

Not that I don't like him a lot.
I ain't got no complaint.

- Chick was a good man. In his way.
- He's in love with you, Lou.

And being in the clink a year without the girl
what makes you feel that way...

ain't no picnic.
I wish he'd forget me,
but the guy is a memory expert.

Go up to pacify him, Lou.
Make him think everything is all right.

Chick is pretty bad when he wants to be.
You don't want him feeding you bullets.
I don't exactly want to be dodging around
in tin corsets.

How's about it us going up
to see him tomorrow?

Why tomorrow?
Me laundry will be back then.
- Make it Sunday. It'll be nice and quiet.
- That's fine, Lou.

It'll be a swell trip.
We can take the boat up the Hudson.

I'll take the train. Water and me don't agree.
All right.
- Wait a minute.
- Please don't tell them I'm here, Captain.

- Captain, will you help me?
- What's the matter, Pete?

There was a window broken
down at Flaherty's drug store.

I didn't mean to do it.
Where is he?

Which way did he go?
That's Doheney.

- Don't let him get me, Captain.
- Get up there and stay quiet.