She Done Him Wrong

Silver threads
among the gold
Shine upon my brow today
Life is fading
fast away
- You took long enough.
- I couldn't help it.

Jacobson wasn't at the mission,
so I had to go to the hock shop.

What about it?
He'll be right over.

- Was that Cummings guy there?
- I didn't see him.

- Say, Lou, you falling for that bloke?
- It ain't nothing serious...

there was something
just wonderful about him.

That's the way it always starts.
He wouldn't look at me.
Only out of curiosity. He's different.

You've got it bad.
Say, Lou, you sent for a guy
named lke Jacobson?

Yeah, send him in.
I want to see this guy alone, Franc├ęs.

All right, then.
- Hello, Lou.
- Hello, Jacobson.

What can I do for you?
- Sit down.
- Thanks.

I hear the rescue mission
rents your building.

Rents, that's right.
But they ain't got no money.

- So, how can I keep them there?
- You ain't gonna put them out?

Put them out, me? No.
- I'll just tell them they'll have to move.
- But Mr. Cummings is in charge.

Yes. Nice, smartish-looking fellow.
Why did you send for me, Lou?
You want me to buy
some of your famous diamonds or...

No. What do you want for that building?