She Done Him Wrong

You were great, Lou.
I'd like to have a word with you
when it's convenient.

I've been saving a little time for you.
Come up in a few minutes.

What are you doing here, Flynn?
- Just getting used to the place.
- Yeah?

- You're thinking about moving in?
- Yeah, I thought I might.

When Gus moves out.

- Flynn, you're an optimist.
- No.

You may as well know it.
Gus is in the hole. And you'd be, too,
if it wasn't for me.

So, you're gonna protect me? From what?
There's a new dick in town called the Hawk.
He's been tipped off to Gus,
and he's got the goods on him.

Gus ain't done anything.
What's he got on him?

Don't be so innocent, Lou.
You're talking to a man who knows you...

and is willing to protect you
if you play along with him.

I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't know anything
about that Sally girl?

What Sally?
The one you roped in
and turned over to Gus.

Why, he only got the poor kid a job.
Depends on what kind of a job.
That's where Gus put his foot in it.
Where do you think he gets the money
to buy you them rocks?

From this place here? Don't be a fool.
If Gus goes up the river,
you'll go along with him.

I'm tipping you off privately.
What are you trying to do, scare me, Dan?
When I need protection, I'll write you a letter.
That ain't no way to talk to me, Lou.