She Done Him Wrong

You said you liked me once.
When I said I was crazy about you,
I didn't say how crazy.

I never gave up and I never will.
You can't expect to go around
getting men all on fire...

and think they're gonna forget all about it.
Now, Gus has had you long enough.
He's going away.

I'll see about that.
And you're coming to me or nobody else.

You love me that much
that you'd frame Gus to get me?

To get you
I'd even frame my own mother.

And I believe you.
I'm beginning to understand you, Flynn.
Tell me.
Who is this here guy they call the Hawk?

He's the slickest bird in the business.
Even the men from headquarters
wouldn't know him if they fell over him.

You know, I never did appreciate you before.
But I do, now.
- You mean that, Lou?
- Why, of course I do.

I'll see about that little matter another time.
All right.
- Lou, it looks like Chick's done it.
- Done what?

I ain't sure, but word's around he broke jail.
- Made a getaway?
- I'm just telling you. I'll be standing by.

Thanks, Spider. Keep your eyes open
and don't tell anyone.

I won't, Lou.
Come in.
I came to inquire about Sally Glynn.
I'm told she came here
after she left the mission that day.

- Where is she?
- How should I know?

You know where she is. I want you to tell me.
So you've come to me
to find another woman.

I don't know and I wouldn't tell you if I did.
You see, her father's over at the mission
looking for her.