She Done Him Wrong

Now, you have your instructions.
I won't say anything more.
You know what to do.

Get rid of them quickly but safely.
Not a word, Gus.

They say money talks,
but this can only whisper.

Stow these on you.
I'll take care of the rest.

Soon we will be very rich, eh?
I hope so.

I need money.
Don't we all?

One thing more...
Who's there?

Just a minute, Doheney.
Come in, Doheney.
- What's up?
- Excuse me for butting in, Mr. Jordan...

- but have you seen anyone around here?
- No. Who?

- Chick Clark.
- Chick Clark?

- You'll find him up the river.
- He made a getaway. I thought you knew.

Collins here says he spotted him out back.
I'm sure it was him.
He was headed this way.

What would he come here for?
No telling, sir.
Maybe looking for trouble.

Better take a look. Excuse us, will you?
On life's stormy path,

Do not scorn her with words
fierce and bitter
Do not laugh
at her shame and downfall
For a moment, just stop
and consider
Wait a minute.
that a man was the cause
Sir, he might have gone that...
of it all
You can go home now, Pearl.
I won't need you anymore.

- You sure you won't, Miss Lou?
- No, you can go.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Just a minute.
- Chick, what do you want?
- I want you to pack up and come with me.

You don't suppose I'd be fool enough
to go anyplace with you.