She Done Him Wrong

I gotta have you.
Chick, I never knew anything like that.
Just a minute.
I'll meet you tonight, at Callahan's.
Right after my turn.

You'll come to me?
I swear.

I'll be waiting for you.
Thought it was Gus.
I could not stay away.
I was kind of expecting that.
- Hello, Rita.
- Hello, Flynn.

- Looking for your assistant?
- Yes.

Last time I saw him, he was headed that way.
- So...
- That's her. She's the one.

She's the woman that done it.
That woman there.

- Sit down.
- That was the one I told you about...

She can't get away
with anything like that again...

Let me alone! That woman...
- Is she talking about you, Rita?
- Me?

I never saw the woman before.
I've never been so insulted in all my life.

She must be mad, that woman.
Now, I'll talk to her.
I bring you a gift.
Diamonds. I know you love them so.
Ain't it grand.
See, they make your eyes sparkle,
and your teeth gleam like pearis.

You are beautiful. I love you so.
The men of my country go wild
about women with yellow hair.

I'm glad you told me.
I want to keep straight on my geography.

I love you. You were made for love.
And for love only should you care.

And now, surely,
you have enough diamonds.

Diamonds is my career.
I swear I shall make you happy.
I shall die to make you happy.

But you wouldn't be much use to me dead.