She Done Him Wrong

He must've come over that shed.
Lou, did you see anyone
out on the shed?

No, there's nobody there.
Sorry to have bothered you.

All right, Doheney.
I want to have
a little talk with you afterwards, Lou.

- Better hurry, they're waiting for you.
- I'll be right down.

I'm just doing a job I never did before.
Lou, I found...
Don't bother me.

- Are you nervous, Lou?
- No.

- You are nervous, ain't you, Lou?
- No, I ain't nervous.

'Cause if you're nervous I got...
I ain't nervous,
but if you keep asking me, I will be.

A guy what takes his time
I'll go for any time

I'm a fast-moving girl
That likes them slow

Got no use for fancy driving
Wanna see a guy arrive a little low

There isn't any fun
In getting something done

If you're rushed
when you have to make the grade

I can spot an amateur
appreciate a connoisseur

at his trade
Who would qualify, no alibi
to be the guy

what takes his time
Since I've been in office,
I've never heard anything so appalling.

Every word of it is true.
- Is that all?
- Yes, sir, that's all.

What this young lady says
is a serious accusation...

and means the end of that gang,
and coincides with Dan Flynn's report.