She Done Him Wrong

Hold it!
I've waited a long time for this moment,
Jordan, and now I got you good.

- I am boss of this district.
- You're smart, but not smart enough.

That's the trouble with ward heelers like you.
Get a little political power,
you think you're king.

With bribes, petty favours
you think you're above the law.

It's not the mission talking now,
it's the U.S. Government.

- So, you're the Hawk.
- Yeah, that's what they call me.

Making and passing counterfeit money
is a federal offence.

Yeah, you and your crowd are due
for about 20 years in Atlanta.

Go on, boys, take him out of here.
I thought something...
Come on.

Lay off me.
Come on.

Wait a minute.
Say, what's going to happen to her?

Never mind, she'll be well taken care of.
Come on.
You, the Hawk.
A night bird working in the dark.

Stealing the confidence of people.
- The lowest kind of a thief.
- I'm sorry you think so.

Chief, I've got that other fellow out here,
you wanna look at him?

Come here.
- Is that the man?
- Yes, that's the man.

Thank you.
- Take him to headquarters.
- Come on.

Take care of the young lady till I get back.
- Where is she?
- Went out that way, sir.

Why did you let her?
- You double-crossed me.
- What do you mean?

- You planted me up here...
- You got me wrong.

...and sent that rat, Flynn, to get me,
but I got him first.

Now I'm gonna get you.

Say your prayers, if you know any.
I'll meet you in...

Come on, get him out of here.
Those absolutely necessary?
You know, I wasn't born with them.

No, a lot of men would have been safer
if you had.

I don't know, hands ain't everything.
All right. Come on.
My wrap.