Belle of the Nineties

One on the red wins.
That's too bad. Well, that's roulette for you.
Good night, sir.
Good night?

You mean good morning?
Good morning, sir.

Some like short men
some like them tall

I'm funny that way 'cause I like them all
Tell me how long do I have to wait?
Can I get you now?
Or must I hesitate?
I hate to wait
May I offer you a New Orleans Fizz.
Permit me to call you an old dear.
A New Orleans Fizz for the lady.
Yes, sir.

I'm so glad to see so many men here.
The kind I like, too.

You flatter us.
May we ask what types of men you prefer?

Just two, domestic and foreign.
Won't you tell us where you're stopping
during your visit here?

Stopping at nothing.
French toast. It's all right.
Drink to her who long has made
strong men sigh...

to the girl that gave to song
what gold could never buy.

Thank you, gentlemen. Thank you.
It's better to be looked over than overlooked.
Won't you sing once more for us?
I'm sorry, gents, but I have to retire.

Please sing.
The fun's all over if you go to bed.

All right, I'll sing.
- What will it be?
- Sing St. Louis Woman again.

No, why not sing your own favourite?
My favourite?
All right. Play it, boys.
My old flame