It Happened One Night

Go away. This is history in the making.
- What?
- There's a man biting a dog in there.

Heel, boy.
I can't stand this any longer.
In a pig's eye, you will.
Listen monkey face, when you fired me,
you fired the best news hound...

...your filthy scandal sheet ever had.
You wouldn't know a newspaper story
if it kicked you in the pants.

I got all your copy. Why didn't you tell me
you were gonna write it in Greek?

I'd start a new department.
That was free verse,
you gas house palooka.

What was free about it?
It cost this paper a gob of dough.

And it's not going to cost us any more!
Did you know he reversed the charge?
What? Why you...
When you get back to New York,
you keep far away from this office.

You're fired. You don't work here
anymore and you never will.

What'd he say?
So, you're changing your tune?
You're late with your apologies.
I wouldn't go back to work for you
if you begged me on your hands and knees!

I hope this'll be a lesson to you.
Did we tell that baby?
- We don't need anymore of his lip.
- You told him, Pete.

I guess he knows now,
how I feel about his job.

I bet he does, too.
Is my chariot ready?
Your chariot awaiteth withouteth,
mighty King.

- Lead on, sire.
- Make way for the king.

Make way for the king.
Long live the king.
Philadelphia, all aboard!
Step down Marty, King is back.
On the rack in the back.
It's your goodbye chariot.

Make hams of you and scram!
Two thousand miles is a long trip.
Make yourself comfortable
with a pleasant pillow.

Pillow, sir?