It Happened One Night

Red hot coffee!
Right around there.
Get the red hot coffee! Hot dogs!
Can't enjoy the ride unless you eat!
He got away.
I found myself in the middle of brush
and no sign of the skunk.

I don't know what you're raving about,
young man.

- Furthermore, I'm not interested.
- Well of all the...

Maybe you'll be interested
to know your bag is gone.

My heavens! It's gone!
I knew you'd catch on eventually.
- What am I going to do now?
- Don't tell me your ticket was in it.

No, got that all right. But not my money.
All I have here is $4.

You can wire home
for money in Jacksonville.

No, I can't.
- Yes, I guess I will.
- I'll tell the driver about your bag.

Thank you, I'd rather you didn't.
Don't be a fool. You've lost your bag.
The company should pay for it.

- What's your name?
- I don't want it reported!

That's silly.
The company will take care of it.

Can you understand English?
Would you please keep out of my affairs?

I want to be left alone.
Why, you ungrateful brat.
All aboard!