It Happened One Night

I'm so sorry.
Silly, isn't it?
Why, everybody's gone!
Thank you for that, very much.
- We're in Jacksonville, aren't we?
- Yes.

That was foolish of me.
Why didn't you shove me away?
I hated to wake you up.
You look kind of pretty asleep.

How about some breakfast?
No thank you. No, I'm going
to the Windsor Hotel.

Windsor? You'll never make it in time.
We leave in a half an hour.

No, they'll wait for me.
Driver, I'm going to be a few minutes late.
Be sure to wait for me.

Where's the bus to New York?
It left about 20 minutes ago.
But that's ridiculous. I was on that bus.
I told them to wait.

I'm sorry, miss, but it's gone.
Good morning. Remember me?
I'm the fellow you slept on last night.

Seems to me,
I've already thanked you for that.

What time's the next bus?
8:00 tonight.
8:00? That's 12 hours.
Sorry, miss.
What's wrong?
Wouldn't the old meanies wait for you?

Why are you so excited?
You missed it, too.

Yeah, I missed it too.
Don't tell me you did it on my account.
I hope you haven't any idea
that what happened last night is...