It Happened One Night

Young man,
you needn't concern yourself about me.

I can take care of myself.
You're doing a pretty sloppy job of it.
Here's your ticket.

My ticket?
I found it on the seat.
Thank you.
It must have fallen out of my purse.

You'll never get away with it,
Miss Andrews.

- What are you talking about?
- You won't get away with it.

Your father will stop you before
you get halfway to New York.

You must have me confused
with someone else.

Quit kidding. It's all over the front page.
I've always been curious to know...
...what kind of a girl would marry
a front-page aviator like King Westley.

Take my advice. Grab the next bus back
to Miami. That guy's a phoney.

I didn't ask for your advice.
That's right. You didn't.
You're not going to notify my father,
are you?

What for?
You probably could get
some money out of him.

I never thought of that.
If you promise not to do it,
I'll pay you as much as he will.

You won't gain a thing by giving me up.
I'm willing to make it worth your while.
I've got to get to New York
without being stopped.

It's very important to me.
I'd pay you now, only...
...all I had when I jumped off
the yacht was a watch.

I had to pawn it to get these clothes.
I'll give you my address.
You can contact me in New York.

Never mind.
I had you pegged right from the jump.
Just the spoiled brat of a rich father.
The only way you get anything is to buy it.

You're in a jam and all you can think of is
your money. It never fails, does it?

Ever hear of the word "humility"?
No, you wouldn't.
It never occurred to you to say...
..."Please, Mister, I'm in trouble.
Will you help me?"

That'd bring you down off your high horse.
I'll tell you something to ease your mind.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'm not interested in your money
or your problem.