It Happened One Night

You, King Westley, your father.
You're all a lot of hooey to me.

You send telegrams here?
I'm just fine, thanks. And how are you?
"To Joe Gordon,
in care of New York Mail, New York.

"Am I laughing. The biggest scoop
of the year just dropped in my lap.

"I know where Ellen Andrews is."
No, do you really?

Go on. Send the telegram.
"How would you like to have the story?
You big tub of..."

"Tub of mush. Well, try and get it.
"What I said about never writing
another line for you still goes.

"Are you burning? Peter Warne."
That'll be $2.60.
- Send it collect.
- Collect?

Bus leaving for Savannah, Charleston,
Columbia, Greensboro, Richmond...

...Washington, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, New York...

Hi, sister. All alone? My name's Shapeley.
May as well get acquainted, it's a long trip.

Gets tiresome.
Especially for somebody like you.

You look like you've got class.
Yes, with a capital "K". I'm the guy
that knows class when he sees it.

Believe you me. Ask any of the boys.
They'll tell you.

Shapeley sure knows how to pick them.
Shapeley's the name
and that's the way I like them.

You made no mistake sitting next to me.
Most girls you meet on the bus...
...ain't nothing to write home
to the wife about.