It Happened One Night

It's from Charleston.
"Checking every northbound train.

"Also assigned 20 operators
to watch main highways.

"No sign of her yet.
Will continue to do all possible.

"Signed, Lovington Detective Agency."
It's just the same as all the others.
- Yes, sir?
- I said I was in a hurry to get to New York.

- What are we crawling for?
- I got it wide open.

- All right, step on it.
- Yes, sir.

I hope she's all right.
All right? Of course, she's all right.
What could happen to her?

- Nothing, sir.
- Then shut up about it.

Hey, mister.
What's the matter, you not up yet?
- What time is it?
- 8:00. Here.

It's a toothbrush, thanks.
My dress, you had it pressed.
Come on. Breakfast will be ready soon.
You sweet thing.
Where'd you get it pressed?

I'll count to 10.
If you're not out of bed by then...

...l'll drag you out myself.
- One, two, three, four, five...
- I really think you would!

I'm out! I'm out!
You'll find the showers
just behind the second cottage.

All the best homes have them outside.
I can't go out like this.
- Like what?
- Like this. I have no robe.

Here, use mine.
Make it snappy.
Wait, it's not my fault. You got the sleeve.
- Here are my puppets.
- Thanks.