It Happened One Night

You want a shower around here,
you'll stand in line.

Hi, sister. You remember me, Shapeley?
Say, I'm sorry about last night.
Didn't know you was married to that guy.
You should've told me right off.

High time you got back.
I met some very interesting women
at the showers.

We got chatting about this and that.
You know how time flies.

Come on. Sit down.
My, my. Scrambled eggs.
Egg. One egg. One donut, black coffee.
That's your ration till lunch.

Any complaints?
No. No complaints.
I'd have cream for your coffee,
but I'd be buying a whole pint.

You don't have to apologise to me.
You don't know how much
I appreciate all this.

What makes you so disgustingly
cheerful this morning?

Must be the spring.
I thought maybe "believe you me"
told you some more snappy stories.

No. He apologised for last night.
Said he didn't know we were married.

Just shows you how wrong a guy can be.
- Donut?
- Thanks.

You think this whole business is silly?
Running away and all.
No. Makes too good a story.
Yes, you do.
You think I'm a fool and a spoiled brat.

Perhaps I am.
Although, I don't see how I can be.

Spoiled people are used to
having their way.

I never have. On the contrary.
I've always been told what to do and how
to do it and when and with whom.

Can you believe, this is the first time
I've ever been alone with a man?

It's a wonder I'm not panic-stricken.
You're doing all right.