It Happened One Night

Something happened to her.
Look how pale she is.
Let's give her a chance to snap out of it.
Don't worry. She'll be all right.
We ain't ate nothing since yesterday.
What happened to your money?
Ma spent it all on the tickets.
We didn't know it was gonna be so much.

We shouldn't have come, I guess.
But Ma said there was a job
waiting for her in New York...

...and if we didn't go, she might lose it.
She'll be all right
when she's had something to eat.

The next time we come to,
you buy some food. Now come on.

I shouldn't ought to take this.
Ma'll get mad.

Don't tell her.
You don't want her to get sick again.

No, but you might need it.
Come on.
I got millions.
- Thanks.
- Come on, go back.

Better phone for some help.
Go phone if you want to.
The nearest town is 10 miles away.

Say, buddy.
Like to take a look at my paper?

Travelling like this, you lose track
of what's going on in the world.

Take that story there, for instance.
If I was to see that dame,
you know what I'd do?

I'd go fifty-fifty with you.
Because I don't believe in hogging.
A bird that figures that way
always ends up behind the eight ball.

That's what I always say.
What's on your mind?
Five G's or I crab the works.