Don't you want any?
Yes, a little later.
That's what you say, but once
I turn my back, you don't touch it.

Another drop?
One has to keep one's strength up.
I know you've never been
the type to pack on the pounds.

But this is too much.
you're as skinny as a bird.
Someone has to be there to serve you
when you come home so late.

There's a knot in these laces.
Can you get it out?

In the beginning...
In the beginning...
you didn't spend
all your nights out.

I can't hang around here
all the time...

with that damn organ
blasting in our ears.

I'm exhausted...
and from doing nothing!

The same old story
from morning till night.

Your old aunt works, Julie works...
but you, you're still in bed!
What kind of work should I do?
I never learned a trade.
Work as a day laborer?

You could have accepted
that caretaker position last week.

Room and free heat.
A caretaker.
Now that's what I call a job!

A caretaker! Who, me?
- You haven't taken a good look at me.
- Liliom is an artist at heart.

"An artist at heart."
In other words, a loafer.

Starting fights...
that's his best work.