The Thin Man

I've got an important idea to work on.
What is it, a new invention?
Yes, and I don't want somebody to steal it
from me.

But we were planning
on being married right after Christmas.

I'll be home before Christmas.
- Is that a promise?
- That's a promise I won't forget.

- All right!
- Where's MacCaulay? It's time I started.

- How's your brother?
- He's all right.

I'd like to see him.
Why don't you bring him down?

You know how it is, Daddy.
He's sort of under Mother's thumb.

Yes, I know.
You're not missing much. He's cuckoo.
Like all the rest of us?
Has this fellow...
Has he seen the whole family?

Yes, and he still wants to marry me.
- He's a brave man.
- Yes.

Thanks a lot, old man.
- You have an interesting plant here.
- Didn't I tell you?

I didn't know you invented
that smelting process, Mr. Wynant.

This is the first metal that came through,
three kinds of ore:

Gold, silver, copper.
Isn't that interesting?
- Daddy, does that still bother you?
- Only in bad weather.

- It isn't bad weather now.
- You better get home before it is.

All right. Goodbye, darling,
and don't forget, December 30.

- Goodbye, boy.
- Goodbye.

Take good care of Dorothy.
Show her that there is such a thing
as a happy marriage.

I'll do my best, Mr. Wynant.
- Goodbye, sweetie.
- Goodbye, dear.

Is it all settled?
Why did your mother divorce him?
I think he's swell.

- It seems he has a secretary.
- I'll do my own typing.

Dad's a good barometer. Here's a taxi.
- Hello, Mr. MacCaulay.
- How are you?

- Get under this.
- No, we're taking your cab.

- Is your father still in there?
- Yes, he's waiting for you.

- Did he tell you where he was going?
- He wouldn't say.

- Goodbye, Miss Wynant.
- Goodbye.

Here's your change, boss.
You wouldn't drive slowly,
so you don't get a tip.

That's okay, sweetheart, I got it anyway.