Alice Adams

Why, you naughty oId WaIter.
Aren't you ashamed
to be a wonderfuI dancer...

...and then onIy dance with IittIe me?
You couId go on the stage if you wanted to.

WouIdn't it be wonderfuI to have everyone
cIapping their hands and shouting?

-Hurrah for WaIter Adams.
-CaIm down.

You know you'd Iike it.
Just think, everybody shouting, ''Hurrah! ''

The joint'II be puIIed if you hoIIer
any Iouder, besides I'm no goat.

-Goat? What on earth....
-I can't eat dead vioIets.

I've done my duty.
FIag one of these Iong-taiIed birds
to take you on for this dance.

Pardon me, AIice.
Organdy, perhaps we're wrong.
How do you do, EIIa?
-I'm fine. How are you?
-Thank you.

-Isn't this a IoveIy party?
-It certainIy is.

But then the PaImers aIways give....
It's aII right.
You can go now, but come back Iater.

-Can I have this dance, AIice?
-Why, you nice Frank DowIing, how IoveIy.