Alice Adams

Yes, of course.
I'd forgotten aII about that.
WiII you Iet me take you?
You mean to the dance?
That is if you're not aIready dated up.
No, I'm not.
In fact, I'm not going.
-Why not?
-I toId you. It's Father.

You see, MiIdred's dance is aImost
the onIy evening I've gone out...

...on account of his iIIness, you know.
VirgiI Adams, how much Ionger
do you expect me to put up...

...with that oId man and his doings?
Whose doings? What oId man?
What other oId man wouId I mean
but J.A. Lamb?

Do you think I'm going to submit forever
to him and his famiIy...

...and what they're doing to my chiId?
Now what are he and his famiIy
doing to your chiId?

Your dear, grand oId Mr. Lamb's Henrietta
has sent out invitations for a Iarge party.

Now, everybody who is anybody in town
is going to be there, you can count on that.

There's a very fine young man,
a Mr. RusseII.

He's interested in AIice and he's asked AIice
to go to this dance with him.

AIice can't go...
...because Henrietta Lamb
hasn't invited her.

Oh, my....
Yes, I shouId think you wouId say,
''Oh, my.''

Your chiId's been snubbed and picked on
by every girI in this town...

...and it's aII on account of you,
VirgiI Adams.

Yes, these girIs don't Iike me
so they pick on AIice.

They wouIdn't dare do it
to MiIdred PaImer...

...because she's got money
and famiIy to back her.

And, you Iisten to me,
the way the worId is now, money is famiIy.

And AIice couId have just
as much famiIy as any of them...

...if you hadn't faIIen behind in the race.
-How did I?
-Yes, you did.

Twenty-five years ago, the peopIe we knew
weren't any better off than us...