Barbary Coast

- Where are you going, Jerry?
- To the promised land!

Man overboard!
Pilot boat, ahoy!
Man overboard! Please pick him up!

There they are at last, Miss Rutledge.
The will-o'-the-wisp lights of fortune.

San Francisco,
the latest newborn of a great republic.

I see a lot of fog and a few lights.
I like it when life's hidden.
It gives you a chance to imagine nice things.
Nicer than they are.
Listen to them.
Men like to yell, don't they?
They imagine they're millionaires already.
More than that.
They've all left lives behind they didn't like.

They all dream of being reborn in the new land.
Do they? Or do they dream of gold?
No, Miss Rutledge.
Behind that fog lies
not only sand filled with gold...

...but a new empire for men of vision.
Men of vision! I love the fine names
men give each other...

:04:07 hide their greed and lust for adventure.
I am amazed at your idealism, Col. Cobb.
Newspaper men are either drunkards
or idealists, Miss Rutledge.

I'm afraid I'm both.
However soiled his hands...
...the journalist goes staggering
through life with the beacon raised.

Beg pardon, but there's not much time
to pay for your clearance papers.

Nobody will be allowed off ship until they do.
- How much is it?
- $45.

Tell the purser I'll settle
before the ship leaves the port.

Sorry, but there'll be no going ashore
unless it's paid.

Here, young man, you get our luggage
and a boat to take us ashore.

Yes, sir, thank you.
Thank you, Colonel, I...
A paltry sum to unlock the golden gates of
that new empire that lies behind the fog.

Miss Rutledge, you'll pardon an old man
for interfering, but I'd like to help you.

San Francisco is no place
for so fair a flower as yourself.