Barbary Coast

Thank you for your offer of protection,
Col. Cobb...

...but I don't think I shall need it.
- Are you ready with the anchor?
- Aye, sir.

- Let her go!
- Aye, sir!

We're in, Colonel.
Boat's alongside, sir. This way.
Will you step aside please
and let the lady get in here?

Sufferin' snakes! A white woman!
How much to take us ashore?
- $50 apiece, in advance.
- $50? Why that's outrageous!

This is New Year's Eve, folks,
and them's New Year's Eve prices.

- I know, but...
- Colonel, it'll be paid when we get ashore.

Jumpin' Jehoshaphat! A white woman!
What is the matter, my man, tired?
Tired? Say, I could row from here to China
and back again without even puffin'.

- Then why the delay?
- It's after 10:00 p.m.

I don't get the significance of your remark.
After 10:00, the rates go up.
A blackmailer at the gates of El Dorado.
Why, it's preposterous.

Pay or get out.
And the proposition goes for you too, miss.

- We are hardly in a position to walk.
- Try swimming.

But I haven't that much money!
Over you go then, both of you.
Business is business.

- You wouldn't dare!
- I wouldn't dare?

You don't think they call me
"Old Atrocity" for nothin', do you?

If I was to tell you the atrocities
I've committed in my time...

:06:42'd keel over.
Another thing,
there's a price on my head in every state...

...except in the Californy,
and it ain't organized yet.

Upsy-daisy, over you go, no foolin'.
Wait. Does it mean anything to you
that I came here to marry Dan Morgan?

- Marry Dan Morgan?
- Yes.

The man that made the Homestead Gully strike?