Barbary Coast

I'm not running away.
I came here to get something
and I'm going to get it.

Yes, but San Francisco is no place for a woman.
Why not? I'm not afraid.
I like the fog.
I like this new world.
I like the noise of something happening.

No, San Francisco is no place
for a bad loser, man or woman.

Dan Morgan was a bad loser.
I'm not. I'm staying.
I'm tired of dreaming, Col. Cobb. I'm staying.
I'm staying and holding out my hands for gold.
Bright yellow gold.
Gentlemen, who got Dan Morgan's money?
I'd forget about that money if I were you,
'cause you ain't ever going to get it back.

Who got the money?
It's in the hands of the worst fiend
in San Francisco.

- What's his name?
- His name's Louis Chamalis.

He owns the biggest gambling parlor
in California.

The Bella Donna,
the one we was telling you about.

- Gentlemen, I'm hungry.
- Of course you are.

I should like to have supper at the Bella Donna.
Let's go down there.
- The streets ain't paved yet.
- I see.

Make way for a lady.
That's opium you smell, miss.
Opium and Chinamen sure perfume up the street.