Barbary Coast

Make way for a lady.
Don't worry, miss, we'll soon be there.
Look out, here come some more Chinamen.
He's just having some fun, miss.
He's going to cut off their pigtails.

- Why?
- lf you cut off a Chinaman's pigtail...

...he can't go to Heaven in their religion.
- That's the reason they're carrying on so.
- It's outrageous, gentlemen.

Surely you would not allow persecution
of this sort...

:13:42 raise its ugly head in this new land.
Look out there, partner.
The Chinese are the oldest civilization
in the world.

We must not be intolerant.
We must respect their beliefs.

We must...
We must get me out of here!
Couple more minutes and he'd been in China.
Lucky you wasn't on Sacramento Ave.
They lost a burro there last week
and ain't found hair of him yet!

- Shall we go on to the Bella Donna?
- Yes!

I hope this doesn't give you
a wrong impression of our city.

Rome wasn't built in a day, gentlemen.
The paths of empire have always started
in the mud and ended in glory.

I shall make that the subject of my first editorial.