Barbary Coast

- Get back to work.
- Sure.

We're taking out more than 100 ounces
of gold and that's more than...

Ain't somebody going to introduce me?
My name is Louis Chamalis.
I'm very glad to know you, sir.
Thank you.
I'd like that seat.
Well, miss...
:16:54 do you like San Francisco?
I think I'm going to like it very much.
That's fine. I own it.
What's your pleasure, gentlemen?
This is on the house.

I drink nothin' but rye.
Knuckles, bring some wine.
I hear...
:17:19 come out here to marry Dan Morgan.
There's no accountin' for taste.
You'd have been throwing yourself away on him.
You'd have been throwing yourself away.
You ain't told me your name yet.
My name is Mary Rutledge.
Nice name.
I am Col. Marcus Aurelius Cobb, sir.
I'm glad to know you.
- Miss Rutledge is not staying here, sir.
- Is that true?

- Depends on how much I like your town.
- Miss Rutledge, I beg you to reconsider.

Good night, Mr. Cobb.
Hope we'll see you around here often.

Good night, Col. Cobb and thank you.