Barbary Coast

- I take it that you're a journey's end.
- Yeah.

That's me. Say, now look here.
You had a lot of the boys last night laying
bags of gold at them little feet of yours.

Them bags of gold is mine.
Only I don't have to dig and sweat to get them.
I see. They shovel it out of the ground...
...and they hand it to you across the table
with the wheel on it.

You're high-falutin', but you're smart, ain't you?
Yes, I'm smart.
You got a pretty way of holdin' your head.
What's your proposition, Mr. Chamalis?
All right. You work at the table, see?
You're worth a lot to me as an attraction.
They'll come swarming in here
like flies around a pot of honey.

How would you like to get part of
all the gold that's dug up around here?

Suppose I lose?
You lose only when you wanna
and you win when you wanna.

That's the kind of a little wheel it is.
Is that the wheel Dan Morgan played?
The very same one.
Head feel better?
Very much better, thank you.
Then it's a bargain?
Like a swan, ain't it?
That's what you're like.
Soft and slick.
A swan.
One thing more, Mr. Chamalis.
I suggest you get used to knocking on doors.
All right, Swan.