Barbary Coast

The case is dismissed. Good day, gentlemen.
Have another drink, Judge.
There's your trial.
I hate to see you fellows make mistakes like this.
Might go bad with you sometime.
We'll be back, Chamalis.
Don't come around here
wasting my time anymore.

Get out of here. Come on, get out.
Ah Wing.
I'm just going to cut your pigtail off.
What are you yelling about,
there's nothing to wash in Heaven.

What do you want to go there for? Let him go.
I'm afraid, my dear Louis, I really must be going.
And so, I shall bid you good day, sir.
- Good day, your Honor.
- Thank you.

All right, Tim.
Easy, Mr. Peebles. Don't strain her, sir.
There she goes.
She starts, she moves.
She seems to feel the thrill of life along her keel.
All right, that's enough.
There she is, Mr. Wigham.
The last word in human ingenuity,
the modern printing press.

She worked fine. Let's look at her insides.
- Welcome. Glad to see you all.
- We want to talk to you.

You all know Mr. Joseph Wigham?
You're just in time
to help christen our new printing press.

The beacon that is to guide
the destiny of our city.

Glad to hear you say that,
because we want your help.

Gentlemen, I'm at your service.
Go on, tell him, Jed.
We want you to write about Louis Chamalis.
- Criticizin' him.
- For being a murderer.

And running this town like a jungle.
We want to know if you have the courage
to print in your newspaper...