Barbary Coast

- Come on, Swan.
- I'll come in a moment.

Thank you, Miss Rutledge.
I couldn't have stood it if they'd broken it.
It isn't much use this way though, is it?
A poor shamed thing that mustn't speak.
It can speak, Colonel.
Let it speak the language of the town.
Lies, hypocrisy, and more lies.

The beacon of the new empire.
Mr. Chamalis' empire.
Is this true about Sandy Ferguson?
You should know better than I, Miss Rutledge.
Louis, I want to talk to you. This is true, isn't it?
- Why did you kill Sandy Ferguson?
- For business reasons.

Our bargains included lots of things.
But this wasn't one of them.

I don't like it.
Listen, Swan, I'm running this town
and there's only one way to run it.

My way.
I'm beginning to learn that...
...and it isn't a pleasant lesson.
Come on, Swan, have a drink.
I'm one up on you.
You haven't thanked me yet
for lettin' the Colonel have his paper.

Thank you.
You seemed almost human for a moment.

How about you being human for a change?
I'd like another drink, please.
Why don't you ever kiss me of your own accord?
Why don't you ever put your arms
around me and kiss me?

Wait till I have my drink.