Barbary Coast

All right, here goes.
- Gramercy Park versus the hallucination.
- You'd better get it weighed first, son.

We'll weigh it for the gentleman when he wins.
On the black, the color of women's hearts.
Easy. You ain't gonna get no place
with them sentiments.

- A little less fancy talk, stranger.
- Sorry to give offense.

7 and red.
You lose this one time, son.
If at first you don't succeed, try again.
That's my motto since a child.

- Is that it?
- Yes, sir.

Give him this.
Here you are, stranger. On the house.
Thank you. Hospitable of you.
Make your bets, gentlemen.
Had enough, you?
Not so fast there.
- You ain't bettin' it all at once, are you?
- On the black.

- Does it all go?
- Go on, roll your hoop.

Round and round the old willow tree.
Come on, old man of the sea.
Drink to the little ball.

27. And it's red.
- Who won?
- The red. Yes, sir, the red come up again.

Not my color.
You lost! Just like I did!
You lost like Sawbuck McTavish.

Cover up your back
or they'll shoot you like they did Sandy.