Barbary Coast

- Yes, I remember.
- I never seen the like before.

Don't let it dampen
that fine western spirit of yours.

I still have two burros left.
That's right, ya did. But you ain't got 'em now.
They run away.
A very interesting city.
Surprised I have my boots.
- Any complaints?
- No.

No complaints.
Wisdom was never bought at so cheap a price.
You still feel pretty bad, son?
Maybe it's somethin' you ate.

Gall and wormwood sit hard
on the delicate stomach.

Gentlemen, I don't want to depress you
with my problems...

...but is there a way for the shorn lamb to
earn enough money for his passage home?

A shorn lamb of infinite accomplishments and...
...a great mass of personal charm.
I like the way he talks.
I don't.
Nobody's askin' you.
I like a windbag like that around.
- Go on, get him something to do.
- lf you say so.

Get busy on those.
You mean these interesting vessels?
We call 'em spittoons and we like 'em shiny.
With all deference to my benefactor,
I think I'll call them cuspidors.

- How do you feel, son?
- Like a useful member of society at last.

That's fine.
- You ever wait on table?
- No. I'm sure I have a talent for it.

You can begin now.
It ain't hard to be a garsin.