Bride of Frankenstein

Valerie Hobson was very
appreciative of James Whale.

Not only was he a great director,
but he was, as she put it, so English.

Here she was, a 17-year-old
British girl in Hollywood,

and he made her feel very much at home.
She said she was the victim of
James Whale's rather bizarre wit,

because the first time she met
Colin Clive as Henry Frankenstein,

it was the scene where she becomes
hysterical and falls into bed with him.

As they rehearsed this scene
and she fell into bed,

James Whale said "Mr Clive, this is Miss
Hobson." And she was in bed with him.

So she said it was pretty strange,
even for Hollywood, as an introduction.

Colin Clive played Henry Frankenstein
again in one of his last performances.

Emotionally tortured and ravaged by
alcohol, he died two years later aged 37.

Frankenstein's mentor,
Dr Septimus Pretorius,

a role originally
intended for Claude Rains,

was played by James Whale's real-life
theatrical mentor, Ernest Thesiger,

an actor reportedly
just as eccentric off-screen as on.

To a new world of gods and monsters.
Una O'Connor, who was in The Invisible
Man, was another Whale favourite

and a perfect choice for Frankenstein's
twittering housekeeper, Minnie.

Although Frankenstein's assistant,
played by Dwight Frye,

met a nasty end in the first film,
James Whale combined
several small parts

to give the actor
a memorable assignment.

Fritz von Frankenstein of course had been
killed by the monster in Frankenstein.

Jimmy Whale - I say Jimmy Whale
because that's what my father called him -

liked my dad's work.
What we need is a female victim
of sudden death. Can you do it?

If you promise me a thousand crowns.
It will be well worth it,
and the baron will pay.

I'll try.
Bride of Frankenstein is visually
the best Universal horror classic,

thanks to art director Charles Hall
and cinematographer John Mescall.

Expressionistic tricks,
totally artificial lighting,