Captain Blood

Dr. Blood!
Who is it?
That we'll know better
when you've opened the door.

My mistake. After I've opened the door.
Open it, quick!
Why, Jeremy Pitt, isn't it?
It's your friend, Lord Gildoy, wounded
at Andrew Baynes' farm by the river.

-The rash fool.
-He sent me for you. No time to lose.

Why, to be sure, I'll lose none,
nor my head either.

Come in and regain yours
while I get my things.

-I'll wait here.
-As you please.

Come, Mrs. Barlow, help me dress.
Jeremy, how was the battle?
Battle? Slaughter, rather!
What can clubs do against cannon?
In case this business keeps me overlong,
take care you water my geraniums...

especially those
under the bedroom window.

Geraniums. Won't you ever grow up?
One would think you were still
at medical school.

You would think of geraniums...
when every other able-bodied man
is out fighting.

It's out of favor I seem to be with you,
my vinegary virgin.

-Half the town is saying you're a papist.

Because I have the sense to sleep tonight
instead of rushing to my ruin...

in an attempt to put
this Duke of Monmouth on the throne?

He'd be even worse than King James.
Make haste with that cloak there,
my pretty one.

And the other half of the town
that defends you...

claims that you're just a coward.
Mrs. Barlow, my darling,
you can tell them, if you like...

that I've been most anywhere
that fighting was in evidence.