Captain Blood

Uriah Ogle, guilty or not guilty?
Guilty. Praise the Lord.
Henry Hagthorpe, guilty or not guilty?
-Lord Chester Dyke, guilty or not guilty?

Peter Blood, guilty or not guilty?
lt's entirely innocent, I am.
Take the stand and face His Lordship.
Are you guilty or not guilty?
You must use the right words.

Words, is it? Not guilty.
And speaking of words,
I'd like to say a few about the injustice...

of keeping an innocent man
locked up for three months...

in such filth and heat and ill-feeding
that my chief regret is I didn't try...

to pull down the filthy fellow
that sits on the throne.

Are you entirely ignorant
of the proper procedure of the court?

Most happily ignorant up to now.
I could gladly have done
without this acquaintance.

Enough of this.
There is nothing more to be said,
except the passing of sentence.

May it please Your Lordship,
but there's a deal more to be said!

-How now, fellow?
-There is the little matter of my defense.

Very well, then...
but in heaven's name, be brief, man.
We have much to do.
I am guilty of nothing, my lord...
unless it be adjudged a crime
that a man try to live peaceably.

Living peaceably
with the army of Monmouth?

I was not with Monmouth's army, my lord.
I was arrested while engaging
in my profession as physician.

What's this?
You tell us you're a doctor, you rogue?

And as such was summoned
to the aid of Lord Gildoy...

by Jeremy Pitt, who can so testify.
Master Pitt will testify.
He that is himself a confessed traitor.
-ls that your witness?
-There is also Andrew Baynes.

Master Baynes
will have enough testifying...

in a useless effort
to keep his own neck from the halter.